ASIC 2020


ASIC 2020
Mon, 16. November 2020 - Wed, 18. November 2020


Alzheimer Society International Congress™ (ASIC 2020™)

ASIC 2020™ will be held on November 16-18, 2020 in San Francisco. ASIC 2020 is a leading forum in Alzheimer research and dementia care. The Congress will highlight the latest accomplishments in Alzheimer research and best practice in patient care.

The theme of the 2020 Congress is “The Next Frontier Against Alzheimer's”.

ASIC 2020 encourages new concepts and hypotheses on the etiology and potential prevention or treatment therapy, and best practice in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. New ideas and alternatives to Amyloid cascade hypothesis such as Tau hypothesis, Calcium hypothesis, Inflammation hypothesis, Cholinergic and Oxidative stress hypothesis, Glucose hypometabolism, Endocrine pathway, Bacteria-derived metabolites and other new ideas with supporting data are welcome at the ASIC.

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