Alzheimer’s disease: a study sponsored by AP-HP identifies early protective role of the immune system

For the first time in humans, an imaging study shows early and protective role of immune cells in the brain, called "microglia" in Alzheimer's disease. The teams of the CHU Sainte-Anne, the CEA, Saint-Antoine research center, the Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders (Inserm / CNRS / UPMC) and Roche researchers have identified a benefit of inflammatory mechanisms the early or preclinical stages, in a group of 96 subjects. This discovery opens up new therapeutic approaches to slow or even prevent the progression of Alzheimer's disease. This work, from the IMABio3 study * sponsored by AP-HP, are the subject of a publication on 16 March in the journal Brain.


Brain Awareness week 2015

For the 17th edition of Brain Awareness Week , coordinated by the Society for Neuroscience , CEA- NeuroSpin opens and organizes many meetings with scientists.

Conferences and  visits to discover or deepen your knowledge on the brain.


US- BHE project funded by FEDER

A controlled opening device of the blood-brain barrier by combined use of MRI and ultrasound  is now installed in MirCen  This equipment has been funded by FEDER.


Gene Therapy in Parkinson's Disease

Ph Hantraye’ Conference at the Mediatheque of Fontenay aux Roses