Collaborative possibilities 

NeurATRIS offers neuroscience translational research collaborations and services to industrial and academic researchers throughout the development of their projects. NeurATRIS's partners already offer individually such services; the NeurATRIS objective is to professionalize these activities, to harmonize the quality and overall reliability of the results independently of the project specificities.

The terms of the collaboration are defined according to the needs of each user and are of three types :

Using the expertise of NeurATRIS partners :

All scenarios can be envisaged in the context of applications to NeurATRIS.

If the tools and procedures are already mastered by NeurATRIS, they are directly used for a known application. The user has access to methods or fully validated models already available in one or more of the NeurATRIS platforms.

The user can also benefit from the expertise and existing procedures within NeurATRIS to adapt them to a new application.

In this case, NeurATRIS offers technical expertise, advice and support for the implementation of a given translational research protocol. Work is carried out by NeurATRIS dedicated teams that interact daily with the users. These projects are generally of short duration.

Co-development project

These are short or medium-term projects conducted by mixed teams of several NeurATRIS partners and users (academic and / or industrial). This collaboration is framed by an agreement that defines the project, the resources provided by each partner, the timetable, the scientific and technical objectives and the duration.

This collaboration can be a framework agreement to meet recurring needs of the user.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are long-term co-development projects where users are hosted in NeurATRIS facilities. Such partnerships may also involve other initiatives funded by the “Programme Investments d’Avenir”.

As part of these projects, NeurATRIS is mobilized over the long term as full research partner. It provides scientific and medical expertise, professional project management, regulatory expertise and priority access to NeurATRIS equipment.


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