A continuum in translational research



Translational research project management

Long used by industry, project management is neither frequently nor fully exploited in academic research projects. This often results in a lack of monitoring and coordination. This method is however particularly useful and effective, especially when it comes to multi-disciplinary projects such as those implemented in translational research.

NeurATRIS provides human resources (dedicated project managers) and technical resources to support you throughout your project, as shown below:

Structuring and tracking your project also facilitate the procedures related to the regulation and quality control.

The support offered by NeurATRIS, with its GLP and non-GLP facilities, not only allows you to accelerate the development of your therapies but also to reduce regulatory delays and risks and to improve the quality of the project.

The facilities dedicated to the production of biotherapies comply with GMP standards and each clinical protocol meets the ethical regulations, particularly regarding patient cohorts. Similarly, NeurATRIS clinical facilities respect OECD good clinical practice.

Several NeurATRIS platforms have the IBISA label, some animal housing facilities are recognized by the AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care) and biobanks comply with AFNOR NF S 96-9000 standards (DNA, blood, brain tumor samples).