How to collaborate

Expertises, know-how and platforms gathered at NeurATRIS are then available to scientific community through 2 ways: service and collaboration.

NeurATRIS's partners already offer individually such services; the NeurATRIS objective is to federate these activities, to harmonize the quality and overall reliability of the results independently of the project specificities.


« Routine » know-how

The tools and processes mastered by NeurATRIS are used directly to an already well-known application. The user has access to entirely validated methods and models, available in one or more NeurATRIS core facilities.

Applicative know-how

The user benefits from the know-how and processes existing in NeurATRIS in order to adapt them to a new application.

In this case, NeurATRIS offers the technical expertise, advice and necessary support for the implementation of the translational research protocol. The work is led by dedicated teams from NeurATRIS who interact daily with the users. These projects are usually short.

Co-development projects

These are short- or medium term projects led by mixed teams of NeurATRIS partners and users (academic or industrial). The collaboration is formalized by an agreement defining the project, the resources provided by each partner, the realization calendar, the scientific objectives and the duration.

This collaboration can be the subject of a framework agreement in case the user has recurring needs.

Strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships are long-term co-development projects in which users are hosted by NeurATRIS labs. This type of partnership can also associate other initiatives funded by the Investissements d’Avenir.

As part of these projects, NeurATRIS is mobilized on the long term as full research partner. It provides scientific and medical expertise, professional project management, regulatory expertise as well as priority access to NeurATRIS equipment.


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