Neurosciences Bicêtre-Paris Saclay – N-BIPS

The N-BIPS is a basic and clinical research structure, which brings together an Inserm and Paris-Saclay University research unit (UMR 1195, "Mechanisms and Therapies of Central and Peripheral Nervous System Diseases", Director: Michael Schumacher) and three departments of Adult Neurology (Professor David Adams), Interventional Neuroradiology (Professor Laurent Spelle) and Pediatric Neuroradiology (Professor Catherine Adamsbaum).

Experimental research at N-BIPS focuses on molecular mechanisms and innovative treatments of diseases (neuroprotection and neuroregeneration) of central and peripheral nervous system.

 N-BIPS comprises five platforms:

  • a gene therapy AAV vector platform targeting oligodendrocytes or other neural cells (plasmid design and validation) ;

  • a cellular and molecular imaging platform (super-resolution microscopy, immunofluorescence, correlative microscopy and real-time imaging);

  • a platform of tandem mass spectrometry coupled to gas chromatography (GC-MS/MS) for neurosteroid analysis;

  • a platform for the synthesis of therapeutic nanoparticles for neurological diseases.

 N-BIPS has an animal facility for studying transgenic mouse models and holds a transgenic and CRISPR-Cas9 zebrafish platform.



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