NeurATRIS supports YRLS 2019

The Young Researchers in Life Sciences congress (YRLS) 2019 edition will take place on June 4-6, 2019 at Institut Imagine in Paris, with the support of NeurATRIS. 

Co-organized by several leading research institutes in France, the YRLS conference welcomes each year more than 200 attendees from several countries. Its brings together young scientists from various fields and backgrounds allowing them to present their ongoing work, exchange ideas, learn from experts and build new collaborations. The conference features an interactive program that includes posters, talks and round tables designed for young researchers. The wide variety of represented disciplines and topics allows attendees to deepen their knowledge of their research field while broadening their horizons.

During this edition foccussed on 3 broad themes: "Decode. Innovate. Unravel.", Ali Aït-Ikhlef, NeurATRIS partnership manager, will briefly present the infrastructure and its interest for young researchers.

More information and registration: