NeurATRIS is co-organizing a workshop on diffusion MR spectroscopy

Lorentz Workshop: Best practices & tools for Diffusion MR Spectrometry

As part of its training support, NeurATRIS is co-organizing a 5-day workshop, dedicated to diffusion NMR spectrometry.

This workshop will take place from September 20 to 24, 2021, in Leiden, Netherlands.

It aims at making DW-MRS more accessible to the MR research community at large by:

(1) Launching a user-friendly open-source platform that will be used to process, analyze, and model experimental data acquired at different sites / vendor scanners / magnetic fields.

(2) Initiating a data repository attached to the open-platform to widen the accessibility of DW-MRS data. It will also contain a description of acquisition protocols, and contact of researchers working in the field.

(3) Writing a ‘consensus paper’ summarizing practical principles of DW-MRS and providing protocol recommendations for different users ’goals, with a description of the novel open-source platform

Find all the information here:

NeurATRIS supports Glia 2021

The European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease is a reference meeting in the field of neuroscience, with both an educational vocation for young researchers through thematic courses and workshops, and a vocation of exchange and high quality scientific interaction on glial cells.

The scientific program begins with a day of classes intended for students and young researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with the theme of glial cells. It continues with 7 plenary presentations, 30 symposia and thematic workshops, dealing with different aspects of glial cells and their implications in neurodegenerative pathologies.

This year it will take place fully online from July 5 to 9, with the support of NeurATRIS. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the meeting website.

NeurATRIS supports NeuroFrance 2021

Société des Neurosciences - Accueil | Facebook

The next NeuroFrance conference will take place entirely online, from May 19 to 21, 2021, with the support of NeurATRIS. You can visit us on our virtual booth, as well as during the symposium entitled "New insights into pathophysiology of neurodevelopmental disorders", supported by NeurATRIS and chaired by Pierre Gressens, member of NeurATRIS. Find all the information here:

ADVANCE Online Course on ATMP Development

ADVANCE is a 30-month EU training project, supported by Erasmus Plus fund with the objective to develop a 3-stage learning programme to support early-career biomedical scientists in developing currently missing scientific knowledge, transversal skills and competences to meet the key challenge areas existing in the ATMP development cycle. 

The ADVANCE online course launched on December 1st2020 and is completely open and free of charge to anyone interested in the ATMPs development topic. The course consists of ca. 7 hours of interactive lectures and nearly 20 hours of independent hands-on and reading assignments. It is all self-paced, and participants can move through the course as their schedule allows. 

This online course is divided into 4 Units representing the key challenges of the ATMPs development cycle: Scientific, Manufacturing, Reimbursement and Regulatory. You will hear 12 experts across academia, industry, regulatory sector and patient organisation discuss the key aspects in the ATMP development pipeline. The lectures are interspersed with questions to help participants stay engaged and think along. 

If you are interested in learning more about the ADVANCE Project and what else it has to offer, visit the website and follow it on LinkedIn and Twitter.   

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