[Formation] Translational Medicine Explained (TMEX) 2019

Interested in discovering the landscape of Translational Medicine?

Want to learn about the job profiles of scientists in Industry?

Then join the 2019 Winter school "Translational Medicine Explained (TMex)" which will be held in the beautiful Palau Macaya in Barcelona from November 11th – 15th. The fee of 450 Euro includes the 5 day course in Barcelona, catering during the course, one dinners and the e-learning. For more information see or attached fact sheet. Review of application documents will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The TMex winter school 2019 builds on the experience of the C-COMEND and ENLIGHT-TEN courses on translational research and medicine development which in 2016, 2017 & 2018 delivered three highly valued courses. This what the students say:

  • If you have the opportunity to take part in this course – do it. It will fundamentally change your view on how your work as a research scientist can make a difference in the real world outside your lab (Konstantin Kuhne)
  • Very interactive course with a non-traditional approach. The course reflects the reality of translational medicine: getting a lot of people with different backgrounds to work together as a team (Miriam Ayuso)
  • My expectations to the course were very high, and they were fulfilled (Sandra Heckers)
  • It was a difficult decision to leave the lab for 5 days but it absolutely worth it (Kevin Ferreira)


Confirmed speakers

Bob Harris, Professor Immunotherapy, Karolinska

Keith Williams, Director, KW Drug Developments

Mike Hardman, independent (formerly AstraZeneca)

Toni Andreu and Anton Ussi, Directors EATRIS

Joaquin Sáez Peñataro, Clinical Pharmacologist and Spanish correspondent for ECRIN


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