[Emploi] Directeur de projet clinique EATRIS

Publié en ligne le 2 août 2019

Are you an expert in Clinical Trials? Join EATRIS as a Clinical Project Director for an exciting initiative!

EATRIS is a European academic research infrastructure in translational medicine, established in 2014.  The mission of EATRIS is to utilise cutting edge technologies and expertise to improve the translation of scientific results into new therapies and diagnostics. We do this by identifying tools and technologies that can support drug and diagnostic development. One of our major strategies to fulfil our mission is to facilitate industry-academic collaborations using these facilities. Our 90 research institutions in 14 EU countries provide capacity and expertise to support research requests.

One aspect of EATRIS’s mission is to improve society’s health outcomes by shaping the clinical trials of the future. To achieve this, together with multiple academic and industry collaborators across Europe, we aim to develop an open, adaptive, self-sustainable, integrated research platform. Subsequently, this will facilitate and nurture the development of different disease-specific, patient-centric platform trials. Central to the success of this initiative is acquiring the right expertise in clinical operations who can enable and enhance the development of multi-disease, platform clinical trials through the provision of the necessary tools, procedures, expertise and services.

The Clinical Project Director will be responsible for the leadership and oversight of developing innovative adaptive platform trials in the context of an ambitious public-private collaboration involving industry, healthcare and academic partners. The selected candidate will be responsible for organising and coordinating the project outputs so that they can be efficiently utilised in future platform trials. This position will also be responsible for the development of clinical systems/processes and effective communication within and outside the organisation related to the implementation of processes.

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