Lorentz Workshop: Best practices & tools for Diffusion MR Spectrometry

As part of its training support, NeurATRIS is co-organizing a 5-day workshop, dedicated to diffusion NMR spectrometry.

This workshop will take place from September 20 to 24, 2021, in Leiden, Netherlands.

It aims at making DW-MRS more accessible to the MR research community at large by:

(1) Launching a user-friendly open-source platform that will be used to process, analyze, and model experimental data acquired at different sites / vendor scanners / magnetic fields.

(2) Initiating a data repository attached to the open-platform to widen the accessibility of DW-MRS data. It will also contain a description of acquisition protocols, and contact of researchers working in the field.

(3) Writing a ‘consensus paper’ summarizing practical principles of DW-MRS and providing protocol recommendations for different users ’goals, with a description of the novel open-source platform

Find all the information here: https://www.lorentzcenter.nl/best-practices-en-tools-for-diffusion-mr-spectroscopy.html